Our approach

Project structure

Subproject 1

Validation of synthetic sensor data

Requirements for the quality of synthetically generated sensor data are specified and metrics for the quality assessment and description of the synthetic sensor impressions are developed in order to achieve the most realistic simulation of sensor data possible.

Subproject 2

Quality requirements for data

The subproject investigates the required quality and coverage of data and how it can be verified that what has been learned using synthetic and augmented data can be transferred to reality.

Subproject 3

Collection and refinement of real data

Real data are recorded and methods are developed for the automated labeling of these data with annotations and context information as well as for the easy multiplication of the data by automated augmentation.

Subproject 4

Transferability and guidelines

The cross-project provision of the developed tools and software platforms as well as the exchange on methodical-scientific procedures is prepared and the standardization of data formats and interfaces is initiated.

Facts and Figures

Hans-Jörg Vögel, BMW AG
Project coordinator
45 Months
01.04.2020 - 31.12.2023
€25.7 M
€16.2 M
17 Partners
Project consortium